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One of a kind items:

2014 - ‘A decay of Literature’ - presented at KWAK 2014

2013 - ‘When repair becomes feature’ - Master

2012 - ‘Wear It’ - Master

2011 - ‘Decay’ - Bachelor


Kwak-groupexhibition 2014


A Decay of Literature




Een verval van de literatuur



And I found myself a spot in the most beautiful room in the village; the council in city hall. With beautiful books going back more than 200 years. The perfect environment for the theme of my work.


En ik vond mijzelf een plekje in de mooiste ruimte in Leest; de Raadzaal in het dorpshuis, met prachtboeken die tot 200 jaar teruggaan. De perfecte situering voor de thematiek van mn werk.


Wear it

Jewellery should be worn and seen. It is not intended for gathering dust in a box where no one can admire it. Yet wearing jewellery also has a downside: despite their durability, they are subject to the consequences of time and the effects of wearing them.

The aim of my work is to accept this deterioration, even to view the deterioration as ideal. The piece was beautiful when you bought or received it, but becomes more beautiful and richer when it acquires a story through wearing it. Every dent or scratch is like a scar on your skin, there lies an event behind it; it is part of our history. After a while, the jewellery tells a story about the jewellery itself and about the wearer. In my work, I try to integrate these vestiges of use and signs of age in the design of jewellery.


ring 2012
copper, paint
(photo David Huycke)


When repair becomes feature

Repairs no longer seem to have a place in our contemporary consumer society. A real throwaway mentality reigns and we don’t consciously use the material and the products to hand. Nonetheless, interest in subjects such as sustainability, upcycling and repairs has increased in recent years.

This project investigates the possibilities of day to day repairs as a source of inspiration when designing and creating jewellery. With ‘When repair becomes feature’ I attempt to integrate the visual aspect – the design and character – of the repair in the design of jewellery.


Archeological Repair II, brooch 2013.
repurposed glass, cement, silver


Archeological Repair III, I and II, brooches 2013.
repurposed glass, cement, silver 

Repair-Chain, necklace 2013.
oxydized silver, gold plated, sewing thread, …

Repair-chain, neclaces 2013.
gold plated, oxidized silver
(series work; soon available in Etsy-shop) 

Textile-repair, brooch 2013.
gold plated 

Elbow-patch, brooch 2013.
gold plated 


Re-chained, necklace 2013
12 x 8 x 1,5 cm, glass, silver, glue


Re-chained II, necklace 2013
12 x 8 x 1,5 cm, glass, silver, glue



“Plus belle que la beauté est la ruine de la beauté”

- more beautiful than beauty is the ruin of beauty -


broochpin, 2011
silver, book ribbon

brooch, 2011
silver, dog eared book pages 

brooch 2011
silver, rusty cupcake form 

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